Challenging what design is, and what it can be.

We are a graduate design school focused not just on design itself, but the impact it has on the world around us.

A message from our Dean

Project: Made in Chicago

How might Chicago’s economy in the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution evolve to support more diverse modes of making and manufacturing in the future?

News: Students Collaborate with Hedwig Dances

How might we demonstrate and reflect our Bauhaus roots through a transdisciplinary collaboration?

Project: Miranda Rights in Translation

How do we ensure that Low English Proficiency (LEP) individuals truly understand these rights while at the same time providing police departments the support they need to deliver Miranda in translation?

Realizing the Possibilities of Design

For over 80 years, IIT Institute of Design (ID) has trained its students to find clarity in complexity, approach problems with a humanist lens, and mobilize diverse stakeholders to turn ideas into action. At ID, experimentation, rigorous methods, human-centeredness, and strategy all support our focus of preparing individuals and organizations to take on unpredictable, ambiguous problems, to surface undiscovered opportunities and to redefine the boundaries of design.

Ensuring... society has access to the maximum use of constructive abilities for its benefit.” László Moholy-Nagy
Student Life

The ID Student Experience

Our students come from various backgrounds, countries, and careers to join a collaborative, committed community. Working in teams on real-world problems is just one aspect of student life at ID. Students also connect with professional design and business networks through a robust range of groups and activities like student-led conferences, student organizations, and Chicago area community activities focused on networking, social and environmental causes and more.


Make the experience your own

Explore subjects and methods in highly elective coursework that builds a rigorous foundation

Experiment through projects and research in a highly collaborative environment with industry innovators and current practitioners

Tailor your focus to your career goals

Experience real world challenges and opportunities, including working directly with clients, in classes and internships

Connect with a vital international community of students, faculty, alumni, businesses and organizations

Our Work

Project and research work at IIT Institute of Design (ID) is essential to student growth. We train our students to look systemically at users, organizations, markets, and offerings and apply this perspective to specific challenges. By continually exploring the practical application of curriculum principles in hands-on work, students and faculty alike gain new insights and inspiration, while honing essential skills for the future.

Student Life

Life After ID

Historically, our placement rate is over 90% within three months of graduation. We also offer a vibrant alumni network, and many services and programs to help students prepare for a rewarding career.


And in the Top Two of any list of schools of creativity would be IIT’s Institute of Design in Chicago. If you are in business and want people who know how to strategize in a complex and uncertain world, you want graduates of ID. If you want people who know innovation policy and strategy, you want ID grads.

Bruce Nussbaum, Design Observer